Customer Service

On-site assembly, testing and commissioning

The road to any successfull project starts with a comprehensive planning to fullfill even the strongest customer requirements and leads to always cost efficient solutions within a very short period of time. This is one of Plisch´s core features. We are known for making things easy for you.

Indeep Testing Procedure

Reliability is our top priority. Prior to the delivery of our transmitters, an extensive examination is performed on all the individual modules and finally on the complete transmitter system itself. Using our climate control chambers, the most extreme climate conditions are simulated to monitor equipment performance. Any non-compliance is immediately rectified by our skilled technicians.


Plisch, as a manufacturer is responsible for the calibration of your equipment. You can rest assured that all operating parameters will be fully met to ensure maximum performance and reliability of your system for years to come.

Software Service / Update

Plisch software helps you to efficiently be in control using new user-friendly functions.
It complies with data security regulations and provides overall system validity, backed-up with tamper-proof documentation.


You have a question for our service department?

We are working around the clock for you 24/7.
You can reach us by phone, fax or e-mail.

Technical Support

If you find your Plisch product having trouble, Plisch´s technical support is very fast taking remotly care of your needs either via mail or phone.

Whilst under repair, you can rely on the comprehensive Plisch after sales service. This ensures that you get the very latest upgrades available to keep your equipment performing at its best.

Transport services to the location

Using our own Plisch transport service that operates throughout Europe, we guarantee safe and careful transportation of your system directly to the transmitter site. Even the most secluded locations are served by us.