Liquid Cooled High Power Transmitter for VHF

Plisch Transmitter

Discover the Series 5300 for VHF

Integrated liquid cooling

It becomes more and more important to reduce the space for the entire transmitter system. Very often the station is rented by our customers and each sqm less saves cost. Or the space in the building or container is limited and only the most compact solution fits in.
Plisch has the smallest footprint per rack with only 1 m depth for the liquid cooled transmitter. With the integrated liquid cooling unit it has a perfect solution to reduce the space and saves installation cost. Besides the compactness, it is possible to slide it out for easier access and maintenance.

Flexible transmitter design
from the inventor of the Multi-TX

Plisch was always best-known for flexibility in its transmitter design. For example eight transmitters or an n+1 Transmitter system in one 19 inch cabinet can be realized as well as build-in mask filter, pump unit and other 3rd party equipment.