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Plisch 5G Broadcast

5G Broadcast becomes reality

September 24, 2023

5G Broadcast is one of several working titles for a new broadcasting mode. There is not yet an official designation like DVB-T2 HD. The process behind it is called FeMBMS (Further evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service) and is based on the LTE and 5G mobile communications standards. Standardization of the process was completed in 2017. Release 16 of the 3GPP standard then came in June 2020, and since then work has focused on Release 17 and 18.
5G Broadcast provides new possibilities for broadcasting to mobile devices. For the first time, high-power high-tower (HPHT) applications will be possible in downlink-only mode, for example via the existing broadcast network. In regions and large cities that are difficult to reach, cellular base stations can supplement the network.
On smartphones and tablets, the existing digital broadcast technologies DAB+ and DVB-T2 HD could not establish themselves for various reasons. A broadcast mode has the decisive advantage that data does not have to be sent to just one (point-to-point) as in the past, but to thousands of subscribers simultaneously and just once (point-to-multipoint). We have often reported on the fact that, for example, there was a complete breakdown in streaming during the transmission of a soccer match. These problems are a thing of the past with 5G Broadcast.

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Plisch expanding its international business

September 18, 2023

PLISCH is happy to expand its international business by providing ultra high efficiency broadcast transmitters for UHF and VHF to customers in Philippines, United States, Poland and Argentina.

The latest Series 5000 transmitter systems are able to achive an astonishing overall energy efficiency of up to 51% meeting ETSI regulations.

Plisch 5G Broadcast

Plisch to showcase 5G Broadcast during IBC 2023

September 11, 2023

Plisch, in Partnership with RFmondial is leading a special showcase of live 5G Broadcast distribution during IBC 2023 in Amsterdam. In a specific end to end transmission proof of concept demonstration, latest Plisch transmitters will stream a real 5G Broadcast media signal to mobile prototype phones, using the Nakolos middleware application.

The showcase will be in continuous operation throughout the duration of IBC 2023. Come and experience 5G Broadcast, along with a range of other cutting-edge Plisch – The Transmitter Company communications solutions, such as DAB, DRM and DVB at booth 8.C61

Plisch to adopt DRM+ as modulation standard

September 04, 2023

Plisch to adopt DRM+ as a transmission standard, showcasing new transmitter and measurment devices at #IBC2023 The new exciter creates up to 6x DRM streams on one single shared transmitter, and simultaneously monitors MDI and RF parameters.

DRM is set to be the digital radio transmission standard foremost in Asia, with Indonesia, China and India already declared to implement DRM as nationwide standard.

Launch of Plisch Metrics

August 28, 2023

Plisch Metrics is a local service provider for SMD soldering, PCB production and testing, based in Viernheim, Germany.

A synergy coming from a strong background in development of measurement device and system testing will lead to the demanded expertise when it comes to production and soldering of PCB with SMD and the testing afterwards.

Latest machines for SMD mouting and high quality soldering and desoldering machines is one of the many benefits you will experience by choosing Plisch Metrics.

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